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16 Feb 2022
Jessica Rose

Since October I've been back working part-time with Business in the Community (BITC) as part of their Environment team, leading the work on how business can be part of a just transition to a net-zero, resilient future. 

BITC's Seven Steps for Climate Action
22 Nov 2021
Louise Devismes

The premise was simple: Margate Bookie and Co-relate were looking for young people aged 18 to 30, from whatever background, with however much experience, to come on as ‘Young Producers’.

Goal: help curate an online event as part of a festival. Duration: 3 months. Most of us signed up without a second thought, seeing this as an opportunity to easily gain some hands-on experience with a well-known local charity. 

What we pitched for as a team, and received funding and support with, was a much bigger project and a challenge none of us suspected. One event became three, three months became a year. 

12 Sep 2021
Carly Maling

Rebekah Robertson is a content and events producer here at Co-relate but mostly she’s a multi-disciplinary artist currently based at Fire Eyeland studios, Margate. Her creative practice spans music and songwriting, screenwriting and visual art, and her work is driven by a passion for collaborative relationships. Her catalogue of live events, film projects and studio recordings are rooted in collective creative processes that reflect life, embody transformation and envision a better world. She has over a decade's experience as a copywriter with a lyricist’s ear for words, and a focus on projects oriented around social transformation.

Here’s what Rebekah told us in response to our questions!  

5 Aug 2021
Carly Maling

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Straight 8, they are a super 8 film competition that operates in connection to the Cannes film festival. We got to know who they are through one of our team members applying for other work and everyone at Straight 8 seemed super interesting, so we couldn’t wait to interview them for this blog segment. I spoke to Ed who runs the competition and here’s what he had to say.

27 Jul 2021
Carly Maling

Hello! Welcome to the first installment of ‘Co-relate talks to…’. This blog series is our chance to look outside our own work and let our clients and followers know about the exciting things that others get up to. It's our way of showing you that we're connected with the world around us…