Supporting new thinking in health and care improvement

Supporting new thinking in health and care improvement

5 Sep 2023

In our work for The Health Foundation over more than two years, we're constantly inspired by individuals and organisations working to not only improve health and care but to find ways to create a better future for us all. 

Jess has been supporting the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to write several blogs for Q, most recently highlighting some of the amazing work happening to cut carbon, bring down waiting lists and improve the patient experience. Programme manager Rachel McLean says:

"SusQI has been shown to inspire and motivate staff while also achieving changes that have real potential to reduce service delivery pressures."

It's also been incredibly interesting to delve into the value of death with Social Finance, who have brought together individuals and organisations from end-of-life care teams to funeral directors and bereavement services apps to explore what a holistic approach to end-of-life care might look like.

Bethan Phillips of Social Finance writes:

"Transforming our attitudes towards death necessitates radical systems change, involving interconnected socio-economic, cultural, religious, and political factors that all influence how we perceive, experience and manage death and bereavement."

On Joy in Work, Tanya supported Julia Wood to communicate her innovative work on how the use of quality improvement (QI) tools can reduce fatigue and stress in workplaces and increase happiness at work. 

Julia reflected on the importance of diversity and creating genuine equality in this work: 

Individuals worked together to cultivate a psychologically safe approach that focused on collaboration and was largely free of hierarchy. 

Jess and Tanya's editorial support enables these ideas to reach a wider health and care improvement audience, contributing to the transformation of health and care.

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